Photo Essay

Earthly wonders and historical structures beckon attention.  The awe-inspiring cliffs of Étretat are more than a sight to see, they offer energies to experience. Majestically anchored yet floating among the sea winds, the tidal rhythms and the waltzing light, infinite opportunities to translate the energies are imminent.

Without the light I would not see; without the dark, I would not be. 

As life emerges at birth from the darkness of the womb, thus far without exception, a fundamental experience that each human has in common with every other human being . We are born out of darkness and given to the light. Spanish sparks it clearly - dar luz (to give light is in English - to give birth.

As we advance in stages, our mechanisms and capacities to translate the vibrations of light and sound evolve. Our 'hard wiring' to translate smell, and taste as well as the our abilities to interpret sensations by touch develop as we grow, experience and learn.  We miraculously emerge with impressive sophisticated state perfectly adapted to begin our earthly experiences.

At first, our sight, our mechanism to translate light and shadow is under-active. We must practise seeing before even our nearest care givers are clearly visible, and we recogonise our parents and or siblings. 

NY TIMES Ahead of Pride Month, The New York Times asked readers to tell us how they identify. We wanted to capture the ever-evolving ways in which people describe themselves. More than 5,000 people responded. The words they used show us that “the human experience is infinite.”

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